Delight Customers.

A Better Customer Experience Means 

Customer experience leaders like Warby Parker achieve 5.1x more sustainable growth with stickier products and better-converting marketing and sales.

You'll Achieve More Unicorn Business Growth.

Optimizing cross-functional customer experience is what the savviest billion-dollar tech companies and brands do to achieve and maintain sustainable hypergrowth.
  • Harness the power of the most sustainable growth strategy.
  • Spend less on acquisition and reduce churn.
  • Defend against being disrupted.

Your Customers Will Adore You.

By operationalizing customer insight into an effective cross-functional customer experience strategy, you'll delight more customers. This reduces churn and improves organic growth, resulting in happier, more loyal customers who in turn drive big gains in word-of-mouth growth and lifetime value. 
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April Dunford
CEO @ Sprintly
customer segmentation

Customer Segmentation: Lessons Learned from The Martian

Regardless of whether they’re a Fortune 500 brand or a startup, there is one similar, yet dangerous, tendency I’ve noticed: trying to be something to everyone all at the same time. While this is always a costly mistake, it’s particularly dangerous for early-stage startups. Businesses have to be ruthless in segmenting their target market. This is […]

Why Last Weeks Episode of Silicon Valley Made Me Throw Popcorn

Spoiler Alert: This post contains spoilers for HBO’s Silicon Valley, S3, E9, “Daily Active Users”. The 7 moments I, a startup growth strategist, threw popcorn at Silicon Valley on Sunday night… the TV show that is. Sunday is probably my favourite night of the week. I put down work. I do stuff that otherwise gets neglected. And […]

5 Startup Growth Trends That Will Shape 2016

Startup growth predications are always a fun topic… And since it seems I can’t escape a “Best of 2015” or “Trends for 2016” post, so I guess if I can’t beat them, I might as well join them… even if I am a little late to the party. Here are five predications for startup growth and […]
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Delight customers. And drive sustainable growth. Sound good?