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We're the user research agency for the most innovative software and e-commerce companies.

As a go-to user research agency, we help you create sticky products and features, increase word-of-mouth, and deliver world-class customer experiences to boost sustainable hypergrowth growth.

Hit more KPIs

Analytics are only 50% of the data-driven equation — they give you the "what". But you need the "why" and the "what's next" for superior performance and sustainable growth. 

Get the why and the what's next

User research answers the "why" and the "what's next", but only after it's  transformed into insight. Then operationalized across functions. And turned into concrete actions across marketing, product, sales, and customer success. 
There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the CEO on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.
– Sam Walton
Founder, Walmart

Pull the truth with Instratify

Do you really know what your users think of you? Why they buy? What value they actually get? Whether they want what's on your product roadmap? Why they tell their friends about you? Why they don't? Why they stick around? Why they churn?

Outperform your competitors

Acquisition-based growth is dead. Product-based advantages are dying. You need a lasting sustainable advantage, and understanding your customers better than your competitors is that enduring advantage. 

Transforming user research into customer, employee & shareholder value.

Who we are.
We're a top user research agency and customer-driven growth consultancy. We help top software and e-commerce companies turn user insights into user & shareholder value.
What we do.
We help you get inside your buyers' heads with user research using our Customer Engineering™ method turning insights into actions that improve your KPIs. 
How we do it.
We do user research, not market research. Your customers are real people, not a target market. Tide-shifting insights come from 1-on-1 user conversations.

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How To Raise A Seed Round Without Pitching [Framework]

The end of the pitch… the rise of the project. I recently heard a compelling alternative to standard pitching for startups raising their seed rounds. It intrigued me, so I contacted the speaker, Ottawa startup lawyer James Smith, and created this step-by-step framework based on his philosophy. The basic premise is that startups focus fundraising […]
customer segmentation

Customer Segmentation: Lessons Learned from The Martian

Regardless of whether they’re a Fortune 500 brand or a startup, there is one similar, yet dangerous, tendency I’ve noticed: trying to be something to everyone all at the same time. While this is always a costly mistake, it’s particularly dangerous for early-stage startups. Businesses have to be ruthless in segmenting their target market. This is […]

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