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Transforming user research into customer, employee & shareholder value.

Who we are.
We're a top user research agency and customer-driven growth consultancy. We help top software and e-commerce companies turn user insights into user & shareholder value.
What we do.
We help you get inside your buyers' heads with user research using our Customer Engineering™ method turning insights into actions that improve your KPIs. 
How we do it.
We do user research, not market research. Your customers are real people, not a target market. Tide-shifting insights come from 1-on-1 user conversations.

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Ashley Greene, Founder

Lawyer by training, reformed growth-hacker and marketer, and qualitative #insightsgeek, Ashley is the CEO & Founder of Instratify and on a mission to empower the customer value maximization movement. Happier, more successful customers = happier shareholders and employees.

When Ashley's not doing Instratify duties or speaking at conferences, she's travelling for fun, a slight adrenaline junkie, obsessed with anything HBO produces, and fits in as many tennis matches as possible.

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