The Customer Insight Advocate. 
I use my legal background to help companies get inside buyers’ heads to increase business and individual performance.

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I thrive on helping your company get inside buyers' heads to increase performance with custom training sprints and workshops on customer strategy, scaling customer empathy, and customer centricity. 
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Become more customer-centric, empathetic, and insight-driven: serving customers better and driving big business results with our free online resources.

Ashley Greene, J.D., The Customer insight expert

Keeping up with ever-changing customer needs has never been tougher or more important for driving growth in revenue and marketshare.
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BE ON The Cutting Edge: Customer Experience

 Innovative companies must unlock and scale the most enduring competitive advantage available in crowded markets today — customer insight — to become and stay top performers. 

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Typical REsults

Companies operating in competitive markets grow 30% more on average* according to recent studies by leaning into the power of customer insight to drive superior customer experiences, faster decision-making, smarter strategy, and better execution.
Increased Customer Lifetime Value
Lower Customer Acquisition Costs
Increased Talent Retention
More Growth Milestones Met

Increased Customer Satisfaction + Retention
Increased Product-Market Fit 
Decreased Sales Cycle Time

Improved Conversion Rate



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