Delight Customers.

A Better Customer Experience Means 

Customer experience leaders like Warby Parker achieve 5.1x more sustainable growth with stickier products and better-converting marketing and sales.

You'll Achieve More Unicorn Business Growth.

Optimizing cross-functional customer experience is what the savviest billion-dollar tech companies and brands do to achieve and maintain sustainable hypergrowth.
  • Harness the power of the most sustainable growth strategy.
  • Spend less on acquisition and reduce churn.
  • Defend against being disrupted.

Your Customers Will Adore You.

By operationalizing customer insight into an effective cross-functional customer experience strategy, you'll delight more customers. This reduces churn and improves organic growth, resulting in happier, more loyal customers who in turn drive big gains in word-of-mouth growth and lifetime value. 
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April Dunford
CEO @ Sprintly
Chief Customer Officer

What?! Don’t Have A Chief Customer Officer (Advocate) Yet…

Imagine this. You’re fighting a parking ticket, waiting for your turn in court. You witness a divorce proceeding (never mind for a moment that you’d never actually witness family court fighting a parking ticket). The parents are in a deadly battle… almost as deadly as the battle of Westeros. Fighting… about who gets custody, who gets […]

Explaining The Real Growth-Hacking. Yes That’s Really The Title.

You might associate “growth” with “growth-hacking”. But you’d be wrong, well at least partially. Growth hacking isn’t about PR or some great viral loop or ‘insert _______ tactic here’. It’s a discipline, a practice, a process.   Real Growth Hacking = Growth Hacking Process.   Any way you slice or dice it, your objective as […]
startup value proposition

How Startups Can Drive Growth With A Single Sentence

Startup growth can be built on one sentence – the startup value proposition. It is why the customer chooses you over every other option, and is the single most … Your value proposition or expectation statement is the single most important string of words your startup will ever write… period. And it can impact startup growth rate no matter where in […]

How To Raise A Seed Round Without Pitching [Framework]

The end of the pitch… the rise of the project. I recently heard a compelling alternative to standard pitching for startups raising their seed rounds. It intrigued me, so I contacted the speaker, Ottawa startup lawyer James Smith, and created this step-by-step framework based on his philosophy. The basic premise is that startups focus fundraising […]
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Delight customers. And drive sustainable growth. Sound good?